Embracing Exchange         15 01 2017

At this year’s edition of Passagen Design Week in Cologne, Germany, the Dutch Design Exchange project EMBRACING EXCHANGE presents two exhibitions at the Rufffactory location in Köln Ehrenfeld. CELEBRATING DIFFERENCES shows a selection of (alumni) artists and designers related to the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design. And SHIFTING IDENTITIES presents maps that unveil the cultural borders between the languages of ‘Limburgs’ and ‘Kölsch’. Graphic designer Boy Bastiaens is participating in both exhibitions. In the CELEBRATING DIFFERENCES show with a selection of graphic symbols and posters. And in the SHIFTING IDENTITIES expo with a series of maps which were designed together with StormHand partner Albert Kiefer.  (more about the maps)

RUFFFACTORY Venloer Strasse 474 50825 Köln Germany     16.01.2017 till  22.01.2017      daily program


Art Marks         12 12 2016

Counter Print latest book ‘Art Marks’, contains a selection of logos and symbols of museums, galleries, art and design exhibitions, cultural institutions and organizations, theaters, events, artists, designers etc. etc. from all over the world. Featuring the work of Pentagram, Milton Glaser, Bruce Mau Design, Uwe Loesch and many more. It is a great honor to be included in this compendium with 4 logo’s: Open Space, Jettson, Camargue Cross plus the Ateliers Mafad logo. Which is not only expanded and given a single page but also is highlighted with a brief introduction and reasoning behind its execution.

Art Marks, Leterme Dowling, Counter Print, United Kingdom, ISBN:978-0-9935812–1-2


New Project Added - MAFAD identity         22 10 2016

The Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design creates and stimulates a personal, flexible and artistic potential in a non-hierarchical learning environment. Due to the extraordinary location the academy is able to presents itself internationally and regularly operates across national borders. The visual identity developed by Boy Bastiaens is simple, works in a straightforward way and fully embodies the school’s progressive mission.


Logo and Trademarks update         11.10.2016

Please find some recent projects and earlier work on logo's. Like the hieroglyphic arrow man symbol which was used as personal logo in the 90’s. Based upon a found section of four arrows in a old Letraset catalog, which revealed in its negative space the stylized corps of a human silhouette. By adding a white circle for the head the symbol was enclosed by a bold oval. More recently is the wordmark for the Grivec Bros who produce the jeans you’ve always wanted, but couldn't find anywhere. Don't overlook the stylized heraldic lion, part of an innovative group design project, produced in only one day. And much more. Please check the Logo's and Trademarks section here.


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